High school students

This four-week robotics program is using the RACECAR to teach robotics to high school students coming from all around the country.

The Beaver Works Summer Institute is a 4 week world-class STEM program with the goal of teaching exceptional high school students emerging technologies through project-based learning. Last year, over 200 students participated worldwide in 8 unique classes.

Of these courses, the largest and longest running flagship course is Autonomous RACECAR Grand Prix. Derived from an MIT undergraduate course, 6.141J/16.405J (Robotics: Science and Systems), students learn the basics of robotics, software, control systems, image processing, and machine learning. The course culminates in students competing for the best time around a 9000 sq ft obstacle-ridden racetrack.

Photo of BWSI'18 racetrack, filling the entirety of MIT Johnson Ice Rink.

To successfully complete the track, students needed to take full advantage of a suite of cutting-edge sensors including a rangefinding LiDAR, stereoscoping depth camera, and intertial measuring unit (IMU).

Members of an international team from Mexico working to detecting the car wash shortcut.

This past year, 14 teams composed of 50 students from across the US and 20 international students participated. All teams completed the track. The winning team successfully navigated the entire track autonomously: no collisions, human interventions, or mishaps.

Competing teams line up for the final Grand Prix race.

You can find more information on the Beaver Works Summer Institute website.


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